Angelo Palmieri and Daniela Palmieri founded Ekeco essentials in 2018 in Downtown Los Angeles to share their organic and naturals products with the world. All the ingredients we use are edible and natural, so when you read our ingredients list, you know what you are using is not bad for you. We do not use any chemicals. Our mission is to deliver the best skincare products that are both healthy for you and the environment.  

Growing up, I had many problems with using deodorants and trying out different brands. I never liked any of the deodorants I used, and I even used mens' deodorant for some time. So I decided to make my own. For many years I was working on perfecting the right formula with the cleanest ingredients and after three years Francesco Palmieri was born. I loved it! My husband and I used it and we thought to ourselves..."we need to share this with the world." And that's how it started. Francesco Palmieri, our skincare brand, and Ekeco Essentials, zero-waste products.


Ekeko is a character from Peruvian ancestral mythology; meaning god of abundance and happiness. It’s a doll made from terracotta with various items hanging from his hands, such as food, money, candy, symbols of love, and more. The story says that this character would come to villages and brings joy, peace, and happiness. The people who are the poorest receive money, the single ladies find love, the hungry get fed, and so on. It's a character that reflects on the good things and living freely. It reminds me of my culture and roots, and so we are called Ekeco. With the [eco] of course. Not only does it surround the idea of sustainability but also it connects us with the ecosystem, Ek-(eco). 



Our vision is to expand Ekeco and grow all over the world. We hope to allow more people to be more self-succient, learn, and experience our vision together of protecting our planet through sustainable methods. We hope to grow farms and plots and let the Earth be our only resource.