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BAMBOO COMB-Ekeco Essentials WOODEN COMB static free eco friendly comb peine de madera bamboo pocket comb


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Why use Plastic combs, if we have an environment friendly & healthier option?

Wooden combs have plenty of benefits and advantages over plastic and metal combs!

This wooden comb is perfect for picking out coarse and curly hair and is a great alternative to your conventional plastic or metal picks. Using wood versus other materials creates less static, less breakage of your hair, and it’s 100% compostable!

Unlike plastic! Wood does not create the static electricity that plastic combs do, which can cause the hair to snap and break, not to mention frizz up.

The feel of wood on your scalp is amazing. It sort of gives you a mini scalp massage when you use it.

Wooden combs prevent your hair from drying out because it helps to distribute oil from your scalp to hair.

For long hair, wooden combs are best because they evenly distribute hair oils in the length.

Material: Bamboo

A handcrafted wooden comb is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if well taken care of.


To clean: Every time you wash your hair, take your comb along with you and give it a wash as well. You can use some soap and warm water to clean it. If it’s greasy or dirty, use an old toothbrush to scrub it gently.

Customer Reviews

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The only comb I use

Always a pleasure to find exactly what you’re looking for. From the size of the actual comb to the width of the bristles — I use this after I curl my hair and right before I go to bed. I also use it to touch up during the day when I need to. The absolute perfect brush even great for travel (also bc its bamboo, it will last as long as you take care of it)