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Great Deodorant

Honestly, at first I was skeptical about natural deodorant and how effective it is considering I sweat very much. But, the deodorant worked very well and even better than some previous deodorants I’ve owned. The product was great with handling my sweat and smelled very nice too.

Michael De La Rocha

It works!

Visited their booth @Urban Hive Market. Love all their unique and practical items. Was introduced to this charcoal powder...have only started using it for a few days..but slowly I see a differance in my teeth. Im starting to see common whitening toothpastes(Crest)now with charcoal! Better to use the pure powder for effectiveness.

Liza Domingo

Great Product Must try!

Love the smell of the soap out of the pack and also smells good on my skin. I highly recommend trying.

Lola White

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